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eveo sources, imports and distributes merchandise, premiums, textiles & accessories for marketplaces, webshops and brands in the sport and lifestyle category.


eveo is a leading fast growing wholesale and e-commerce specialist based in the Netherlands. We identify key consumer trends and source in-demand products for global consumer markets. Via our own buying teams we are spot on the latest upcoming trends and products. We have a diversified assortment of actual and trendy fast moving consumer goods sourced directly from our global manufacturers. We offer products via 3 main channels:

Wholesale. Selling to retail, brands and webshops.
E-commerce. Selling via our own e-commerce labels.
Marketplaces. Selling via national & international marketplaces like Amazon and Bol.com

Purchase at the source

We buy directlly at the source, cutting out middle-men reducing buying prices up to 40%.

Local presence

Our local teams ensure that manufacturing and logistics adheres to the highest standards.


We aim to be climate neutral investing a future for generations to come.

Core Business


We help brands, category leaders and wholesalers source and import products for the lowest price, best quality and minimized carbon footprint.

D2C stores

We faciliate Direct-to-consumer webshops and online platforms with in demand, high quality products.


We sell directly on marketplaces such as Amazon and bol.com

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